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Relax. Let us do the rest.

With all the stress in life today you should be able to come home to relaxation and peaceful surroundings. Our goal at Jolly Lawncare is to provide an aesthetically pleasing and well cared for landscape while exceeding customer expectations.

Over 15 Years of Experience Talking

With over fifteen years in the landscape industry, we would love the opportunity to bring an enjoyable outdoor space to your home. Whether you’re interested in weekly mowing or complete landscape design and installation we’re ready to work with you to meet your needs.

What “Where Quality Never Goes out of Season” means:

We try to incorporate year round interest into our landscape designs.

Whether it is a small landscape bed, or an elaborate natural stone wall, we will make sure it lends character and beauty to your home from January through December.

Recent Landscaping Jobs in Columbia, MO

French Drain and New Sod Grass Job in Columbia, MO

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We re-graded this home's yard to keep moisture away from the house foundation, added a PVC french drain system to remove water from the yard quickly, and sodded the yard for instant, brand new grass. We also added rock beds for aesthetic purposes, and to facilitate drainage beside the house.

Dry Creek Bed for Erosion Control. French Drain Alternative.

By |September 2nd, 2019|Categories: Jobs|Tags: |

Does your yard has a low spot where water collects? Solve your problem with a dry creek bed! A handy alternative to French Drains, dry creek beds (arroyos) are a small trench lined with landscaping fabric, then filled with rock. Water run off will follow the creek and prevent erosion.