Residential and Commercial Mowing in Columbia Missouri

Jolly Lawncare Mowing and Lawn Care:

  • We use commercial eXmark mowers with deck sizes from 36″-56″.
  • We maintain very sharp blades to ensure optimum health of your lawn.
  • All driveways and sidewalks are edged with a blade edger.
  • We use line trimmers to trim around all obstacles in the lawn.
  • Finally, we use backpack blowers to clean off all hard surfaces.

From small residential to large estates and commercial property we can make it look great!

The Highest Quality Mowing in Columbia!

You won’t find a company who cares more about your mowed lawn’s health than Jolly Lawncare!

We don’t just Mow Your Grass, we make your property look great.

Other’s may Mow Cheaper. But No One Mows Better!

Many companies will mow your lawn short to reduce their effort and expense.

Proper Mowing Height Benefits:

Jolly Lawncare mows at your yard’s optimium height.

  • Protects the soil from the sun.
  • Prevents soil from drying and cracking
  • Helps the grass grow deeper and stronger roots
  • Chokes out dandelions and other weeds
  • Requires less watering to stay green
  • Stripes beautifully!