Fixing Moisture Against a Home’s Foundation and Soggy Yard

We laid fresh sod after installing our top of the line french drain system.

Our French Drain System Process is:

  1. Dig a trench for the PVC pipe.
  2. Lay in soil separation fabric to prevent mud and dirt from clogging the perforated pipe.
  3. Add a layer of clean gravel.
  4. Lay the pipe atop the gravel.
  5. Add more rock aroud the pipe and over it.
  6. Fold the soil separation fabric over top the pipe and rock.
  7. Add a thin layer of dirt.
  8. Roll brand new sod over top the entire French Drain system.

The new grass would still get plenty of water, but the drainage gets moisture out of the yard quickly, protecting the house while also preventing the yard from getting squishy and soggy.

All Our French Drainage System use 3,000 lbs Crush PVC Pipe

At Jolly Lawncare & Landscaping we never use the black, corrugated pipe for French Drains.

The inexpensive pipe purchased from big-box stores will always crush under the yard’s weight, people walking across the lawn, and especially equipment driving over it – like lawn mowers.

The end result is a beautiful yard, with no standing water and a much happier house foundation which will not settle or crack because of shifting ground.

You can see in the final picture how we ran the pipe to daylight, far away from the house and at the beginning of a down slope which will take water into the street and away from the home.

Pictures of this Home’s Drainage System: