Central Missouri rainy season is underway!

April Showers bring May Flower we know, but it’s March and we’re already getting good rains.

Standing Water against Home Foundation or Footing causes Cracks Leaks Settling Jolly Lawncare Landscaping in Columbia MO fixes with propper drainage french drain handling downspouts

If you see standing water around your home anywhere, call us immediately.

Standing water will cause your home to settle and your foundation/footings to crack, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in foundation recover and repair.

We can install professional French Drains if needed.

But often inexpensively extending your roof rain gutter downspouts away from your home’s foundation can help to prevent these issues.

Recently we did a downspout extension job and you can barely tell we were there. We installed the 3,000 pound crush PVC pipes then restored the yard to make our work nearly invisible.

Water is No Joke. Let the professional Landscaping team at Jolly Lawncare protect your home.