Fixing Water Against the House Foundation and Wet Yard

This job had old, natural stone pavers which had sunk over time due to the ground moisture.

With the retaining wall so near the side of their house, they also had far too much water threatening their Columbia home’s foundation

We regraded the yard for optimal drainage, added a buffer zone of rock against the house foundation for both better water drainage, and to keep vegitation away from the house’s siding.

All new sod was laid after we installed our top of the line french drain system to get water out of the yard rapidly, protecting the house and helping the yard dry quicker.

All Our French Drain Solutions use 3,000 Pound Crush PVC Pipe

We never use the black, corrugated pipe because it will always crush under the soil’s weight, people walking across the yard, and especially equipment driving over it like mowers.

The end result is a beautifully green yard, free of standing water and a much happier home foundation which will not settle or crack because of shifting ground.