If your yard has a slope or low spot where water flows or collects, you could solve this problem with a dry creek bed installation. A handy alternative to French Drains, dry creek beds, called arroyos, are a small trench lined with commercial grade geotextile landscaping fabric, then filled with multi-color decorative gravel, or any rock of your choice. River Rock is also a popular choice. During heavy rain, water run off will follow the man-made creek to a collection point, or an area with better drainage.

Dry Creek Bed installs also prevent erosion and soil damage from running water. They allow water to filter down into the soil and prevent water collecting into pools, which are a mosquito magnet.

While effective for yard drainage, dry creek beds are also an attractive landscaping feature. Primarily being made from stone, this design element classifies as a hardscape, and can add a beautiful element to your property, while also being functional.

Maintenance on this hardscaping is nearly zero. The landscape fabric keeps down the presence of weeds, but some weeding will likely be necessary as with nearly any area in your yard.

Dry Creek Bed Hardscaping helps prevent erosion. An Alternative to French Drains. Gravel Path by Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping In Columbia, MO

Dry Creek Bed Hardscape prevents Erosion. A French Drain Alternative which creates a Gravel Walkway 1 Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping In Columbia Missouri

Dry Creek Bed Install For Erosion Control. An Alternative to a French Drain. Also a Gravel Walkway by Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping In Columbia Missouri