Move Water from Roof Downspouts away from House Foundation

Install Downspout Drainage to get water away from your House Foundation prevents settling and cracking or damage with Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping in Columbia MO

It’s important to get water as far away from your home’s foundation as possible. Downspouts which dump water directly next to your house’s footings will cause settling and foundation cracking.

Properly installed rain gutter drainage must take water at least 10 feet away from the house, or farther depending on the grade and pitch of your yard.

Contractor and Home Builder installed Rain Gutters typically dump out directly next to your house.

Trenched PVC Rain Gutter Downspout Drainage

Underground Downspout Drainage is better for your yard and foundation to get water away with PVC Pipe and covered with SOD after trenching with Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping in Columbia MO

We use top of the line PVC pipe instead of the less expensive “perf pipe” or the black pipe you can buy at any home improvement store like Home Depot, Lowes or Menards. Solid PVC pipe rushes the water away from your home’s concrete foundation, depositing the water in an area where it can run off correctly or be absorbed back into the ground.

Our trenches are dug at the proper elevation and pitch to carry the water away from your house and make sure no water stays near your foundation.

Putting a Yard Back in Place to Hide the PVC Drainage Pipe

Underground Downspout Drainage trenching the PVC pipe get water away from foundation fresh Sod with Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping in Columbia

Jolly Lawncare wants it to look like we weren’t even there after we’ve finished installing your drainage system.

We either carefully dig up the top layer of sod from your yard, to then replace atop the trenched and laid PVC pipe. Or a more complete solution is to purchase professional sod to cover where we dug up to lay the gutter drainage pipe.

Either way, your yard will be back to beautiful and it will be hard to notice any work was done.

Protect Your Foundation with Rainwater Downspout Drainage

Contact Jolly Lawncare and Landscaping today to protect your home forever from harmful water standing against your foundation, causing expensive settling and foundation cracking.

Spend a little with us to avoid spending a LOT on foundation recovery companies.