Black Plastic Corrugated Pipe is Junk

The typical do it yourself (DIY) homeowner has purchased and used the inexpensive, black plastic, corrugated pipe from Lowes, Home Depot, Menards or any other big box store. Black corrugated pipe can be fine for a cheap fix if you’re using it above ground and attaching it to your rain gutter downspouts to quickly get [...]

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2017 Annual Mulching and Pruning

Beautify your landscape and protect your investment in landscaping with annual mulching and pruning. We use only hardwood oak mulch from right here in Missouri. Our mulch is died to give you the best look possible and is pest free. No termites will be crawling into your building from our mulch. Spring is a great time [...]

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Downspout Routing for Better Drainage

The downspout was re-routed and buried so the water flow is directed away from the home and in to a storm drain where it should be. This helps in protecting the home foundation, keeps the lawn dry, and makes sure the water winds up where it should. With Missouri's clay soil, having proper yard grading and drainage in place [...]

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Drainage Job with French Drain and Sod

After photos of our most recent drainage job. We installed a french drain, routed downspouts, soil conditioned and amended the soil to improve the amount of organic matter and sodded with Fescue.  Amending soil means to add compost/nutrients to get more organic matter into our clay soil which can be an issue in Missouri. Many times [...]

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